2022 marks Premier Aquatics 24 Year Anniversary. We are extremely proud to say that we are able to celebrate this milestone and plan to continue to provide the highest level of service for our customers.

President Jeff Gromada decided long ago that pools would factor in his life. His first job as a lifeguard changed his life. All through high school and college, he worked as a lifeguard, pool manager and area supervisor. Once he earned his degree, he decided that his love for the discipline and safety that are hallmarks of being a lifeguard and the pull of the water was too strong. He turned down other career options and took a job as a Regional Manager for a local pool management company.
He thrived on the challenge and reward. In 1998, he decided he wanted to extend the challenge into running his own business and Premier Enterprises, Inc. was born.

Today, Jeff and his team take care of their customers’ pool needs, from maintenance and management to training and guards. They love the work and the people. Just don’t ask them what they do in the winter. They rather dislike that question. Why? Because they don’t take a break when summer is over. They work just as hard when it is snowing to make sure their customers and their pools are being cared for year round so they are ready to be enjoyed when the time is right.