Premier Aquatics is pleased to offer pool management services to residential customers. We understand that owning a pool is a responsibility and are proud to be there to support our customers in the care and maintenance of their private facility. We offer the range of services needed by any pool owner from opening & closing to weekly maintenance & complete renovations. 


Swimming Pool Opening: $500.00

Service includes remove all plugs, assemble filtration system, discuss any repairs needed with Owner, start up system and check for leaks, brush walls of pool and vacuum pool for 20 minutes. Heater will be test fired. Up to 10lbs of pool shock are included in cost.  Each additional pound will be billed at a rate of $5.00 per lb.  Salt is not included in price.  Please note most pools are not swimable after initial pool opening.  For those customers who do not have weekly service, we recommend a cleaning service which will be done between 1 to 3 days after pool opening at an additional cost of $125.00 plus any chemicals. 


Swimming Pool Winterization:  $500.00

Service includes removing ladders and handrails, adding winter chemicals (we use only the strongerst algaecide!), lower water level 12" to 18" for mesh covers and 4" for solid and tarp covers, using air compressor blow out all lines and plug, turn off all breakers, turn off gas line to heater, discuss any repairs needed with Owner.  


Weekly Service Package:  $2,500.00

Service includes pool opening, pool winterization, and weekly pool service for 15 weeks (additional services available at a cost of $125.00 per week). Weekly pool chemiclas and salt are not inlcuded in cost. 


Drain and Acid Clean of Home Pool:  Starting at $1,200.00

Service includes drain and acid clean of residential pool up to 35,000 gallons and system start up.  Owner to monitor water fill and contact Premier Aquatics when pool is full.  Water cost is not included in cost.  


Please contact Mark Raeder at for additional information and to schedule service.