Lifeguard Training


All Students must pass a swim test that includes the skills outlined below. We also recommend you to study prior to taking the Training Course.


You can find all necessary training resources on-line by clicking here.   


 1)  Swim 300m using these strokes in this order:

  • 100m  front crawl

  • 100m breaststroke

  • 100m front crawl or breaststroke or combination of both.

 2)  Brick Retrieval Test:  

  • Swim 20m using freestyle or breaststroke.
  • Dive 2–3m, retrieve a 5kg brick & return to the surface.
  • Swim 20m back to your starting point with both hands on the brick.

3)  Final Written Exam:

  • You will pass a written exam based on skills learned during the course.
  • You will be permitted to use a dictionary to translate if necessary.