Renovation & repair

Pool renovation and repair goes beyond the basic maintenance tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis. In renovation and repair jobs, Premier Aquatics tackles the problems and challenges of owning a pool.

These may include adding new surroundings to enhance the beauty of your pool or it may include adding features that will make the pool safer for all.

Some of Premier Aquatics’ renovation and repair services include:

For Safety’s Sake

  • Custom fit pool and spa covers
  • Install baby-loc fencing
  • Install Dri-Dek floor matting in bathrooms, pool areas and other places that require non-skid surfaces when wet

For Decoration

  • Whitecoat/Pebble Tec—new plaster resurfacing of swimming pools and spas
  • Remove and replace coping stones, waterline tile, and caulk
  • Drain and acid clean swimming pools and spas

During Renovation

  • Remove or replace equipment, including structural changes
  • Remove and replace the skimmer, main drain, returns, and vacuum lines
  • Remove and replace concrete decking
  • Remove and replace tile, coping and caulk
  • Remove and replace skimmers
  • Install automatic pool cleaners

Basic Repairs

  • Repair pumps, motors, filters and heaters
  • Repair any of the pool functions that impair proper operation and use of the pool