Customer Referals

We just had a resident stop in the office to say what a good job Patrick Weldon does at the Ridgewood Pool.

He takes a real pride in his work at the pool, and it has not gone unnoticed by the residents or the staff here at LRPRA.

He sets a high bar and should be what we expect from all the guards.


Recreation Director
I had never ever seen a neighborhood pool ever run so terribly. We lost many patrons leaving the pool and joining the one at Glenn Falls etc. , so many neighbors saying they don't want their children witnessing this . 
Which brings me to Dominic the manager, he changed this overnight since he took over , his character and integrity is clearly visible, I have been observing him and amazed of how particular he is on safety and making sure all his life guards are focused and actively monitoring the swimmers. 
To me as a manager myself , trust, and integrity are the most important characteristic and Dominic excels in that, there many examples of his diligence and hardworking attitude. 
I like to thank the HOA for making our pool safe again and Bringing our neighbors back, and Dominic for the Amazing Job he is doing .

Westerly HOA Resident

The  summer at Winter Hill pool in Falls Church has gone by much too fast, and on behalf of my group (we call ourselves The Pool Ladies) who have come every day, as well as I am sure the rest of the Community, we have been so lucky to have had Kasia and Alex from Poland as our lifeguards.  We have had the cleanest pool especially with all the rain, and the neatest looking pool area ever.  They both are constantly keeping busy and I am sure at times this can be a boring job.  It has been so much fun hearing about all the places they have been seeing in this area--more than most of us.  Also, about their planned travels when they leave.  I like hearing about their country, too.  

We have never had a couple before and this has worked out extremely well.  They have both been very pleasant and cheerful with everyone. If we are lucky enough to have them again next summer, I am sure everyone would be very grateful if they would return to us.  

Thank you, on behalf of everyone, for assigning them to our pool.

Winter Hill Resident

Good morning,

I just wanted to reach out in reference to the inspection from the department of health yesterday.

I believe that it is worth mentioning that the health inspector that inspected our pool gave us an A+!  I appreciate all of your hard work and cooperation to get our pool open and functioning.  I believe that we make a great team and that you guys did a wonderful job.  The inspector also mentioned that of all of the pools that he inspected yesterday, ours was the best that he had seen.

Again thanks for the excellent work guys!


On-site Manager
Stonegate at Faircrest

On behalf of the Spring Lakes Board and HOA, I  would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Pete and Stana for their support and assistance in the management and supervision of our pool. Working with them, and especially Stana, is such a pleasure.They exemplify professionalism and customer service. Please pass on my sincerest appreciation for all they do to ensure our community has a safe, healthy and joyous pool season. 



Bruce Dennison
Spring Lakes HOA President

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a resident at the Hillandale gated community in NW DC.

I would like to thank you for providing us with a life guard to open the pool this summer in all this crazy that has been going on….it’s been a god send for the kids, and a welcome break for us all.


I would also like to say that Nevena will be greatly missed when she returns home…she has been kind, considerate, friendly, and has provided a great level of professionality to the job.

I have 2 young daughters and there are many other children in the community and Nevena has contributed greatly to it being “’ a good fun summer ‘’.

Not only was she looking out for our safety when swimming and playing, but also offering some advice to the children with their swimming skills and also keeping them in check if they are not respecting the rules.

We have had a very successful summer swim and I believe that the attitude of the lifeguard can make a major difference how the swim day goes.

The pool and surrounding area has been kept clean, tidy and safe too so thank you for that.


We would be ready to accept her back at anytime to look out for us all in the future.


Thank you and bon voyage Nevena.

Stay safe and good luck for the future.


Pool patron, Hillndale

As the 2019 summer swim season comes to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to Efe Kaan Sayanand his lifeguarding team for an outstanding job.


We are longtime members of Wakefield Chapel Recreation Association. This is where we spend many days during the summer months doing our swim workout.  We have witnessed how hard Efe works keeping our pool clean and safe for all to enjoy. We are generally one of the first to arrive at the pool each day and every day he welcomes us with a big smile.  He is warm, friendly and gets along exceedingly well with all the adults and children at the pool. 


Even though Efe is quite young, he has shown himself to be a great team leader as he oversees the schedules and activities of all the lifeguards.  Efe is fluent in English, making it easy for him to supervise his team of 5 international and 13 local lifeguards.  He arrives early each day, readying the pool to open at 11:00am, and is the last one to leave around 10:00pm.  He works tirelessly for more than 11 hours each day and we were not surprised when he told us that he has worked more days (100) than anyone else at the Wakefield Chapel pool (out of possible 103 days), and has put in almost 1,200 hours in total. That’s a wonderful achievement.


For the past two years, Efe has also hosted the Premier Aquatics Lifeguard Olympics that has involved around 280 lifeguards and guests.  It’s an occasion to raise funds while competing for fun and enjoying a few hours of activities, food and friendship.  This year's Lifeguard Olympics was a great success thanks to Efe’s efforts.  


Finally we would like to express our sincere thanks to Efe for making our visits to Wakefield Chapel Pool such a joy this summer.  His management skills and obvious competence in operating a large pool are to be recognized and praised.  It was a pleasure getting to know him and Wakefield Chapel was very fortunate to have had Efe as its manager this year.


David and Thuy McMurray


David and Thuy McMurray
Pool Patrons, Wakefield Chapel

I wanted to inform you that you hired two wonderful life guards name Tibor Terifaj and Boris Sosedovthis. This was my first summer enjoying the pool. The two lifeguards were polite, attentive, and did an outstanding job not only ensuring we were safe in the pool.  But how well they both interacted with the parents and kids. My daughter had a wonderful time and I’m so grateful that HOA taken the consideration of hiring these two lifeguards. I’m hoping to see them both again next year! I want to thank you for making our summer extremely enjoyable. 

I got the pleasure to meet Ralph Rodrigo (supervisor) today. I explained how wonderful the lifeguards have been and thanked him for hiring such outstanding team. Please continue to make our community happy and safe. 


Pool Patron, Markham's Grant

I would like to give a shout out to our lifeguards this year- Marek, Andrew and Efe did a great job! The pool has not run better in the 10 years we have lived in this community. I hope to see Premier Aquatics again next season.



Alissa, Pool Patron
Little River

I believe this year's group of pool lifeguards is the best group that we've had at Heritage Forest. Samuel and Stela are usually on duty when we visit the pool and they always greet us warmly and with a smile. They are friendly and professional and they do a great job managing the pool, keeping everything clean and organized and ensuring everyone's safety during the hot summer days. I've also seen Tomas and Denis on duty as well and they also do a great job. I would give them all 10 out of 10 stars. I hope that the community can bring back this group in the future as they have been exceptional compared to past years.


Pool Patron, Heritage Forest

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for Wictoria and her awesome team here at Dominion Station pool! This is my 12th season here and the pool has never been run better. Wictoria is always here, always cleaning, checking the water, answering our questions, and checking on the lifeguards. Our pool has never felt more tranquil and been as pleasant to be here! She is incredible and my husband and I think the world of your company that you hired such a pleasant and hardworking young woman! I wish she could come back next year! Last night thunder canceled our movie night - today she approached me and said she was sad she had to cancel it! She works hard and is so personable and nice, too! We are very proud to be homeowners here!! Thank you, and please thank her from the bottom of our hearts!



Pool Patron, Dominion Station
Just wanted you to know we are very pleased with our current guards. They are doing a good job and seem to be conscientious about their job and taking care of the pool house.
I really think they are the best ones you have placed at our pool so far.

Facility Manager
I just wanted to write to let you know what a great lifeguard staff you have at the Woodlea Pool. Not only have they been very helpful with all of our swim meets so far, but especially today. 
During today’s Meet, we had an emergency on the pool deck, your lifeguard staff jumped into action and helped to take care of him until the ambulance arrived and they were all wonderful and so professional. 

Pool Patron, Woodlea Manor
I have been a resident at Eagles Pointe for 11 years and at the pool more than most since I swim laps as exercise.  I just wanted to say the lifeguards working this year are doing a great job.  The pool is cleaner this year than it has been in recent memory.   I see the team working together, helping each other to get things done.  Making sure everyone coming into the pool area is a resident. 

It’s easy to fire off a complaint email when things are not going well.  I wanted to make sure someone sent a compliment email because things are running smoothly at the pool and I am one of the many happy residents about this year’s staff.


Pool Patron, Eagles Pointe

And thank you again for another great season.  The effort from Nikola and the guards was fantastic.  It was a great crew this year and we very much appreciate their hard work, as well as the work of those like yourself working behind the scenes.  Will look forward to working with you over the next several years.


River Farms

I just wanted to drop you a little note to say that Peter and Sam are two wonderful young men. Everytime we have been to the pool they welcome us. They even know our daughter by name which has made her feel very special. They are also very attentive to the kids and the families. They have made this summer fun for all of us. We hope we get the opportunity to see them again in the future.


Pool Patron, Laurel Highlands

Just wanted to say what a great crew you all have. They keep our pool so clean and are constantly working during the day to make things neat and clean. We had to drop our previous group due to issues and I'm so glad we got Premier. Please pass on to the crew. 


Pool Patron, Heritage Forest

Tamique is so welcoming and friendly and more importantly extremely efficient. When swimmers are in the pool she maintains a vigilant watch.  Recently when I had my five year old granddaughter with me at the pool, I felt my granddaughter was totally safe under the watchful eye of Tamique, she is an asset to your company and those of us who enjoy the pool.


Pool patron, Harbor View

Branislav (forgive me if I misspelled his name).  He is a very responsible and hardworking lifeguard.  He has been very easy to work with and has a very pleasant personality .  I would recommend him for future employment, should he want to return.   Thank you again for your help in resolving the issues we did have.   It has been a pleasure working with you over the past several years.


Property Manager

I just wanted to pass along my appreciation for the entire lifeguard staff this summer. Not only were they attentive in keeping everyone safe, but on top of that they were kind, polite, and went out of their way to help by moving umbrellas to shade newborn babies and pick up trash (which they shouldn't have to do).


Pool patron, River Creek